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   Hunan Railway Professional Technology College is located in the cradle of China’s Electric Locomotive industry---- Zhuzhou, Hunan. It is one of the first batch of 28 National Demonstration High Vocational Colleges.

College’s Culture:
Education philosophy: learner-centered
Core Values: harmonious cooperation, persistent effort and optimistic attitudes
Motto: Illustrious Virtue, Liberal-mindedness and Vigorous Endurance, Extensive Learning, Work Perseveringly
Spirits: Solidarity, Diligence, Preciseness, Being Realistic
Developing Prospects: To be a high vocational college of “distinguishing characteristics, first-rate in China and well renowned abroad”

Disciplines: There are 5 schools and a further education school, including Railway Traction and power school, Railway Power supply and electrical school, Railway vehicle and machinery school, Railway communication and signal school, Railway operation and management school. The college itself, has 38 professional majors (career paths). There are over 10,000 full time students in the college. There is an annual average admission of 7000 vocational training. The college has 26 provincial-level or national-level top-quality majors, including electrified railway technology driver, digital control processing, application electric technology, electric automatization technology, software technology, Internet of things technology, Business English, tourism management, etc.

Faculty: There are 396 full time teachers. 83.6% of them are "double-quality" teacher. It has 42 provincial-level or national-level specialists, famous teachers. The college structure consists of 2 National-level Teaching Teams and 5 Provincial-level Teaching Teams.

Employment of graduates: 75% of the graduates were employed by railway enterprises, including 18 railway bureaus, 17 MTR Corporations, 4 local railway corporations, 36 enterprises related with railway. In the past five years the annual employment rate of graduates is over 97%.

Vocational Characteristics: combining the processes of working and learning together,  effective integration and cooperation between the enterprises and the college, social practices, bespoke training. 1. Enterprise university---- CSR University

Hunan Railway Professional Technology College was founded in 1951.
It is a subordinate unit of the Education Department of Hunan Province.
It has achieved more than 30 provincial-level honors, these honors include
(1) “Advanced Unit of National Vocational Education”
(2) “National Typical Experience Colleges of Graduates Employment”
The college structure consists of 2 National-level Teaching Teams and 5 Provincial-level Teaching Teams.
There are five secondary schools, including the Railway Traction School, the Railway Power Supply School and the Railway Vehicle Engineer School, etc.
The college itself, has 38 professional majors (career paths). There are over 10,000 full time students in the college. The employment rate of the college’s graduates is as high as 95%.
The college is the National Key Construction Teachers’ Training Base of Vocational Education.
The college’s Training Base is the only State-level Vocational Education Practical & Training base in South-Central China.
It has 8 training centers, with 132 practice workshops.
The college has set long-term relationships of talent’ supply and demand, with more than 310 enterprises, such as all Railway Bureaus, all MTR corporations, CSR, Shenzhen Huawei and so on.
In June 2012,  a modern corporate university – China Southern Railway University was established in the college.
Over the past 8 years, nearly 200 hundred core teachers have been sent abroad, or outside borders, to study education concepts, teaching management, curricular system reform and exchange.
Two teachers were sent to teach Chinese in American. More than ten students have been to American to do social practice.
The college has enjoyed many international exchanges, and cooperates with more than 20 universities and education institutions in Germany, Canada and Australia.
Over 20 education institutions or railway institutions from abroad come to the college to either visit or to study.
51 Singapore students came on an exchange and study programme to the college in 2013.
In Russia, the college and University of St. Petersberg Public Transportation, has begun to run a school with our cooperation - - - - St. Petersberg School of Hunan Railway Professional Technology College.
This college is aiming for the target of “A college with distinct characteristics , first-class domestic attainments and an International reputation”
It will be a valuable new contribution for China's High Vocation Education

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