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Brief Introduction of Electrical Engineering Department


     Electrical Engineering department, founded in March, 1998, has strong force in teaching and considerable strength in scientific research. Recent years, it has got eight provincial scientific research achievements. And, nowadays, the department has devoted into more than 10 understudied items of national or provincial level, including three projects supported by provincial natural science foundation; seven city-level vertical projects and three city-level horizontal projects; four college-level key projects; five college-level common projects.
     Electrical Engineering department includes four majors. They are Electronic Information Engineering Technology which divides into two specialty directions,? intelligent electronic technology; Railway Signal; Applied Electronic Technology which divides into two specialty directions, Modern Electronic Manufacture; Design and Vehicle Electronic; Motor and Electric Appliances which divides into two specialty directions, Railway Traction and Motor Manufacturing; Motor and Control Technology; Electric Automation Technology which divides into two specialty directions, Industrial Control; Railway Automation.
     Among them, Electronic Information Engineering Technology is key State construction projects and top-quality majors in Hunan Province. Applied Electronic Technology is the national Sino-German training base for vocational teachers which designated by Ministry of Education. Electric Automation Technology is Top-quality majors in Hunan Province.

Brief Introduction of Rail Transit Department

    Rail Transit department, founded in January, 2008, includes three staff rooms. They are locomotive and vehicle; urban rail and vehicle electrotechnics and railway power-supply. It is setting up two majors: Electrified Railway Technology and Urban Rail Transit Technology.
    Electrified Railway Technology, as the top-quality majors up to the state level and the national teaching reform experiments major, is divided into seven specialty directions which are railway application; railway manufactory; railway vehicle electrotechnics; railway power-supply; railway locomotive and vehicle and multiple unit.
   Nowadays the department is constructing four State-level Top-quality courses and two College-level Top-quality courses.

Brief Introduction of Mechanical and Electrical Department

     Mechanical and Electrical department has set up five majors, including: Application of Numerical Control Technology; Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning Technology; Mold Design & Manufacturing Technology; Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation Technology; Welding Technology and Automation Technology. Among them, there are two majors belongs to the Top-quality majors up to the state level. They are Application of Numerical Control Technology and Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning Technology. And the major, Mold Design & Manufacturing Technology, belongs to the Top-quality majors in Hunan Province.?

Information Engineering Department

     Information Engineering Department is setting up four specialties: Software Technology; Network Technology; Computer Hardware and Peripherals; Computer Multimedia Technology.
     Among them, Software Technology is Top-quality majors in Hunan Province. The specialty Computer Hardware and Peripherals is training the í░order-formí▒ employees for a company in Shenzhen.

Brief Introduction of Economic Trade Management Department

     Economic Trade Management Department is one of the important departments of our college which includes six majors. They are computerized accounting; logistics management; electronic commerce; marketing; property management; real estate operation and appraisal.
     By borrowing the German advanced working process flow oriented curricular development method, we have followed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Students are immersed into the actual working environment, promote the positive, collaborative, explorative, with self-disciplined learning and form the open, high-efficient new-style teaching mode by experiencing the corporate culture and cultivating professional ethics.

Brief Introduction of Humanities and Social Sciences Department

   Humanities and Social Sciences Department includes four majors: business English; tourism management; secretary and environmental art design. Among them, the majors, business English and tourism management are the provincial teaching reform experiments major.
   In addition, it also takes part in teaching common courses of the whole college, such as public English; mental health and PE etc.
   Our department is training the í░order-formí▒ employees for companies. Students are conducting the post-based fieldwork.

Brief Introduction of Training methods and some achievements

     Improving the studentsí» overall quality as the fundamental basis, training the studentsí» creative capability, practical capability and the entrepreneurial spirit as the key points, expanding the studentsí» overall quality, regulating the studentsí» daily behaviors, fostering the studentsí» reliable professional ethics and mature professional skills, higher entrepreneurial quality and innovative quality so that the students become the higher technology applied special talents who are qualified for one designated post or more posts and í░honest and self-disciplined, devoted and pioneering, enduring hardships and meticulous in doing everythingí▒.?
     The college has organized different student skill competitions to improve the studentsí» manipulative ability
     Conducting the skill appraisal and promoting the í░Multi-certificate Systemí▒ in an overall way
     Dou Yachun, a student of the college, representing Hunan Province to participate in the National College Student Business Start-up Competition as the only candidate from the higher vocational and technological colleges, won a prize for excellence
     Pan Haiyan, a student of the college, won the silver prize at the National E-business Competition
     A prize winner at the Electrical Control Technology Vocational Skill Competition
     Studentsí» technological innovation activities and part of the studentsí» technological achievements
     A student prize winner at the Computer Applied Skill Competition
     A graduate from our college won two gold prizes and one silver prize at the Central Enterprise Skill Competition

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